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Cua Van Fishing Village


Cua Van fishing village is located in an area of calm sea, surrounded by limb mountains. This is an ideal place for mooring vessels. It’s also an attractive destination to domestic and foreign tourists for many years since Halong Bay was recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

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Coming to Cua Van fishing village, tourists not only immersed themselves in a strange peaceful place, contemplate amazing natural picture but also are directly guided many things by rural fishing women like cultural life of fishermen, sailing instructions, fishing,...

Cua Van fishing village is derived from two ancient fishing villages (Giang Võng and Trúc Võng) with some islands, which became an important component of Ha Long Bay. Cua Van fishing village is now home to 176 households, with more than 750 inhabitants, mostly living by fishing.
There many interesting things here like boats, small bamboo baskets tied together to fight against storms in front of floating houses. Local people are very simple and friendly. All of them welcome strange people to their house with friendly smiles. Children are happy with their daily life even their lives are not comfortable. They play with some empty bottles, fishing rod, dogs or something else in front of their houses and always have naïve smiles on their sunburnt faces.

If you stay overnight in a floating village like Cua Van, you can experience true life of fish men by going out to sea to catch fish, fish squid, feel smell of sea under golden moonlight. It’s will be the highlight of your trip in Vietnam.

Besides, you can cook Vietnamese food from fish, shrimp that you catched at night and savor them in the center of Halong Bay.
Listening to folk music of Halong Bay area is another special experience that you can have in Halong Bay. Traditional songs of fisherman are often singed in festivals, wedding,… All of them make this attractive culture.

In addition, travelers can visit Tien Ong cave, Ba Ham lake, fishing lagoon or climb to limestone mountains. The most popular kind of transportation is small bamboo boat which is rowed by local people. They will help you have a close and true view of local people.

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