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Buon Me Thuot

The Ede name translates as ‘Thuot’s father’s village’, but Buon Ma Thuot has outgrown its rustic origins without acquiring any real charm. An affluent modern town, pronounced ‘boon me tote’ and also spelled as Ban Me Thuot, it is inundated by traffic from three highways and powdered with orange-brown dust.

Its only saving grace is coffee: the region grows some of the best in Vietnam, plenty of which is sold and drunk in town. Buon Ma Thuot plays host to an annual Coffee Festival in March that sees gallons of the black nectar drunk and elephant races held in nearby Don village.

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Most of the destinations of highland is in 40 km around Buon Ma Thuot. You will have chance to enjoy the very most impressive work of arts in Buon Ma Thuot tour. One of the attractions not to miss is Buon Don, Buon Ako Dhong, impressive waterfall (Dray Nur, Dray Sap, Gia Long, etc.), Trung Nguyen cafe village, Buon Ma Thuot Flower Garden, Heritages (Lac Giao Communal House In The Village, Sac Tu Khai Doan, Buon Ma Thuot Prison)

By the way, cuisines are also various with Hemibagrus, grilled chicken, Lam rice and so on. You can easy find some in the town and don't forfet enjoying a cup of cafe which is specialty of this place.

Market is really a good place for shopping the local items and learning about the unique culture of the land. Besides, the specialty - coffee is also found at Trung Nguyen Coffee village.

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