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Ben Tre

Bến Tre is the capital city and municipality of Bến Tre Province, located in the Mekong Delta area of southern Vietnam. It borders Tien Giang in the North, Vinh Long in the West and Southwest, Tra Vinh in the South and around 60km coast. It is around 85 km to the South of Ho Chi Minh City.

Ben Tre and My Tho separated by Tien River and passengers were used the ferries to pass the river until 2009 when the Rach Mieu Bridge was completed.

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During the war, Ben Tre was known as the cradle of communist, a big part of people were been as guerillas.

The major economy of Ben Tre is agriculture. Other part of it is fishing due to its 60km along the coast. The coconut trees occupied a big part of its land. That also is the feature of Ben Tre.

In the daily life, local people used coconut tree trunk to built their houses , the leaves for cooking, the flesh of coconut for making oil….Nowadays, coconut tree is the main material to make special handicraft products . By the skin of coconut, they made nice carpets; by the coconut’s shells, people made a lot of handicraft stuffs. Ben Tre coconut’s candies are famous in domestic and were exported to many countries.

During the war, a part of them was destroyed by bombs. It was a while that many local people already replaced the coconut trees by others such as longan, madarin, orange, pomelo.. but they re-started to grow the coconut trees again.

The soils in Ben Tre are festive. Coconuts, sugar canes and cacao tree are the main industrial trees in Ben Tre. Besides, Ben Tre is famous with many kinds of nice fruits such as durians, bananas, mango, mangosteen, rambutan....

Most of people in Ben Tre are Kinh.

Along with My Tho, Ben Tre is one of the attractive destinations.

Tourist can take one day trip from Saigon to My Tho then Ben Tre. For tourist who loves nature and the countryside, Ben Tre will offer for staying and overnight at a homestay. Tourist will have chance to experience how the Southern people life is. Everything is very simple there.

Enjoy a boat trip on Tien River, sightseeing the floating fishing village, trying the horse –cart, learning how to make the coconut candy, rowing a small boat in a small branch of a river, admired the beautiful view in a countryside….that is a part of My Tho and Ben Tre Mekong tours.

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