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Top classic Vietnamese dishes

Vietnamese cuisine features endless variety and extraordinary flavors. Travel to Vietnam, you should not miss a chance to try following 4 classic Vietnamese dishes: 

1. Hanoi Beef and Rice Noodle Soup (Pho Bo)

book halong cruise beef rice noodle

Also known as Pho Bo, this fragrant and flavorful dish creates a distinctive broth by combining beef oxtail–which is easy on the wallet–with additional flavors like fresh ginger, radish, fish sauce, cloves, and cinnamon. Once the broth is made, add vegetables, beef, chiles, and fresh herbs to round out this traditional

2. Vietnamese Summer Rolls

book halong cruise 36

These light and delicate rolls combine the best of both texture worlds: Soft with a little bit of crunch. Add tender shrimp, the brightness of mint and basil, plus dipping sauce with a squeeze of citrus, and you've got a perfect appetizer.

3. Vietnamese Beef-Noodle Bowl

book halong cruise 35

With the distinctive flavor of star anise, the sweetness of cinnamon, the heat of ginger, and the brightness of fresh herbs–your palate will be fully satisfied. Be sure to marinate the meat a day in advance for the richest flavor.

4. Lemongrass Shrimp over Rice Vermicelli and Vegetables (Bun Tom Nuong Xa)

book halong cruise 37

Known in Vietnam as Bun Tom Nuong Xa, this dish features grilled shrimp, vermicelli, lettuce, crisp veggies, fresh mint, and peanuts, making it perfect for enjoying on warm summer nights. Substitute chicken, pork, or beef if you prefer.

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