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Vietnam transportation

Recently in Vietnam, transportation has been rapidly developed with many kinds of transports and it's continuously easier to travel from a country to Vietnam and vice versa, as well as travel from a place to another one in Vietnam.
During the time of your journey, travelling by local vehicles will bring you authentic experiences about daily life and reduce the cost of transfer.

For medium distance like from the airport to the hotel or vice verse, taxi is a good idea as its flexible time and reasonable cost. You can ask hotel’s staves at reception to help you order a taxi.

Motorbike is very interesting way to have your own journey of discovering a place. However, Vietnam still ranks high in the list of countries having high rates of accidents. Thus, you should drive carefully; bring driving license and local map with you. Motorbike rental service is available at almost hotel in Vietnam.

Cyclo is a special type of transport in Vietnam which is the most ideal for exploring a city. At low speed, it will give you an insight into daily life of local people and make sure that you won’t miss any interesting thing on the way.

For a long transfer, especially overnight transfer, you ought to get a train and spend time gazing charming scenery passing by you. This is really romantic kind of transport although facilities are quite basic.

To save time for your journey, a flight will be ideal in case that you depart from a country to Vietnam or move from a city in Vietnam to another one. At present, Vietnam has totally 21civil airports in use and 8 international airports among them. Moreover, international and internal flights occur regularly to ensure numerous demand of transfer.

Sampan boats
Sampan boat is a unique kind of transport that can be seen at floating villages, floating markets on Mekong River Delta. If you have a journey to that beautiful land, let take a sampan boat ride on small canals of Mekong Delta and enjoy peaceful life there.

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