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Vietnam Eating

Travel to Vietnam, travelers will find plenty of dishes which are very simple in appearance but very impressive. Vietnamese cuisine definitely excites you all and shows you many things about Vietnamese culture.

Please keep in mind some tips below while eating Vietnamese food:
Lunch and dinner are started earlier than in the West. In Vietnam, people have lunch at around 11.00am and eat their dinner at around 7.00pm.
Let see travel guide book or consult your tour guide to have the best choices of dishes.

Big first! travel to Vietnam, the oldest will start to eat first and letting the big eat first is a way to show respect to them.
Chopsticks are always big challenge to every foreigners coming to Vietnam. Thus, you can choose to try using them (It’s really interesting!) or ask for a fork

You should care about hygiene, especially while eating at small restaurants on the sidewalk. Small restaurants on the sidewalk are preferred by original taste but you should eat freshly prepared food only. Even for packaged food, you’d rather check its expired date before eat it.
Before paying for a bill, you should do review it once, just in case!

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