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Vietnam Life in the City

The lifestyle of people living in urban areas of big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is different from that of people living in rural areas of villages etc. Life in the city is often modern and complicated. City life is busy and most adults are working. The lifestyle is competitive and the daily routine consists of work till the evenings and then spending time with family or friends at night. Most of the inhabitants in the city work at many different positions like secretaries, doctors, teachers, government workers factory workers and street vendors etc. The cost of living in the urban areas is more than that in the countryside.

Because of this reason, people tend to work hard to make ends meet. People live in plush apartments, mansions and big houses. They use many modern day amenities like internet, mobile phones, cars, bikes, television and satellite connection etc. In the evenings, many youngsters head to the nightclubs and restaurants for a nice time. These youngsters are seen wearing modern and western clothes and this is an impact of westernization in Vietnam.

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