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Vietnam Lifestyle in the Countryside

80% of the Vietnamese population lives in rural areas and villages which are scattered throughout the lowlands areas and along the coastal line. In these areas, the way people live on a daily basis is in strong contrast to the life in urban areas and larger cities. People work in groups and take up jobs as farmers and fishermen. Everybody is helpful to one another and is involved in a variety of activities such as raising livestock, making handicrafts and farming etc.

People in the countryside of Vietnam live in small groups or communities and are generally religious people who worship in temples. These individuals give a lot of importance to the Confucian system of values and celebrate all festivals with extreme faith. Along the coastal line, fishermen are very dependent upon the sea as it is their only means of livelihood. These fishermen are thus very hardworking and worship their work.
Those people residing in central highlands or northern mountains live by growing a number of things like rice, coffee, rubber trees and tea etc. They also hunt to earn a livelihood. But the slow industrialization of the country is changing the lifestyle of these people by a very slow rate. Due to this, many farmers have taken up jobs in industries and even moved to cities in search of better jobs.

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