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Vietnam Lifestyle of Youth and parents

In earlier times, children were taught to be respectful of their parents and not raise their voice in front of the head of the family. But with changing times, this concept has changed and children have started expressing their opinions. With technological advances, young people have access to ongoing fashion trends, music and cinema etc. This has a great influence on them and hence their lifestyle varies from their parents and grandparents. Young people are now free to go out and live on their own. They do not hesitate in looking for jobs at an early age, which is a mark of independence.

Nowadays, they are still obedient to their parents but are free to express their thought and feeling. Thanks to technology advancement, young people can get easy access to global trends in fashion, music, share their feelings as well as get in touch with their friends instantly through email, yahoo chat and other social networking sites.

If you are interested in Vietnam Classic Holiday or Indochina Classic Holiday, feel free to contact us at or through email info@holidaytoindochina. We would like to suggest you the most beautiful holiday with the best offer. 

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